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Product Registration

Product Registration

In the product register you have the possibility to track sales prices, product groups the taxes applied, tax codes among others, and more details.



It allows the monitoring of the product life in the company. From the first entry to your last move.



The tool has the flexibility for quick adjustments, such as prices, product names, generations of balances and with possibility to change by group or individually.



This option allows the user of the system to obtain information of a specific date to carry out the fiscal balances and generation of documents for accounting to perform accountability to the responsible bodies.

Bills to receive

Bills to receive

Centralizing your budget forecast in a single location, allowing you to have a control of receiving debits.

Organizing your accounts by clients and with filter by date, facilitating the maintenance of securities receivable.

Bank Release

Bank Release

Manage all expenses and transaction credits in your company's financial accounts.

Bills to pay

Bills to pay

Centralizing in a single tool the financial of your company, not losing deadlines of payments of titles.

Getting a Better Organization.

Cash flow

Cash flow

Have control and organization of your revenue and expense by period, date and user.


Issuance of Electronic Invoice (NFe) and Electronic Consumer Invoice (NFCe)

Automatic tax calculations.

Integration with the sales module, avoiding typing data repeatedly.

XML submission

Send XML / DANFE by email

Send DANFE and XML file by email to your client and accountant.

XML Import

Import XML

Import the notes sent by your supplier.

Get more productivity and avoid typing errors.


XML File Storage

All XML files are stored on the server securely.



Reporting of notes issued and not issued.

Sales Order and Budget

Sales Order and Budget

Make sales orders for your customers and simulations through budgets.



Seller commission control by product, product group, and vendor.

Purchase order

Purchase order

With CDSFive you can make a purchase order simply and quickly.



CDSFive has several sales and purchasing reports such as: sales orders billed, purchase orders, salesperson commission among others.

Mobility upon request

Speed up waiters' work by making it possible to jot down orders on tablets or cell phones.

Control of the product in stock. At the moment of the request the product stock is lowered.

Avoid mistakes, have an efficient desk control so you do not make mistakes at the time of delivery.

With dishes mounting indicators, the order arrives in the kitchen as requested by the customer.

Control user actions

Control user actions

With dynamic release it is possible to define which releases each user will have. These releases consist of giving or not permission to the user to perform certain activity.

As for example: The user can have access to the sales order, but is not given the permission to deface the orders.


Control more than one company

In CDSFive it is possible to have more than one company, and manage them by administrative area. Through this tool there are possible configurations that can be placed in your companies.

Being possible to divide between your companies your products and participants (customers, vendors, suppliers, carriers).

In addition to several facilities that will help your company grow.

Exclusive Panel for Branch or Franchise Management

Check store sales

Find out which are the best selling products

Send notices

And much more!

Contact our sales center.

User Control

Control which options your users will have access to.

With the control of users it is possible to control which menus your users can access, allowing in this way, greater control in the company about the functionalities in which its employees will be able to interact.


Know what's happening in your company in Real Time.

With LOG it is possible to know which user, the details of the operation and on what date was carried out each one of the activities of your company and, what is better, everything in real time.

SPED Fiscal

Facilitate your obligation

Facilitate the delivery of the necessary documentation for tax and eliminate the roles.

Use digital surveillance and reduce bureaucracy in document delivery.

Save time and expense and have safer surveillance control.

Generate real and presumed profit, period movements.

SPED Fiscal

Knowledge of electronic transport

Aimed at companies that need to issue fiscal documents for the transportation of cargoes.

Reduce printing costs and save tax documents.

Electronic storage.


Order of Service:

The order of service through the CDS management system is possible to make the launch of low stock and labor on the same screen, all with just a click. With total control of the service provided.


Electronic Tax Document Manifesto:

The MDF-e is a digital document that replaces printed files such as the Model 25 Load Manifesto and the CL-e Electronic Batch Cover.

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